Anfass (Вероника, но это в графе "о себе")) (anfass) wrote,
Anfass (Вероника, но это в графе "о себе"))

Congratulations to Russia’s Muslims on the Eid ul-Fitr holiday

“This holiday, which ends the sacred fasting month of Ramadan, is infused with deep spiritual significance and the joy of strengthening one’s faith and acquiring invaluable new experience of moral cleansing and self-sacrifice. Traditionally, this holiday is celebrated not only with a generous feast, but also with attention and compassion for those in need of support.

It is important that Muslim organisations play an active part in Russia’s life. They are steadily developing their cooperation with state and public organisations and pay much attention to charity and educational initiatives. We have great respect for the firm position taken by the Muslim clergy, who resolutely oppose attempts by extremists of various types to pervert Islam’s values and sow the seeds of hatred and intolerance. This fruitful and multifaceted activity helps to strengthen friendship and understanding between peoples and maintain civic peace and harmony in our country.”

Что в переводе означает "С праздником, красавы!".

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